Multiscale Solar Water Heating

What is this project about?

This user interface and the underlying simulation models were created in the scope of a research project. The larger scope of the project was to investigate the impact of community vs. individual scale for solar water heating in California. The authors are excluded from any liability regarding both the provided functionalities and the obtained simulation results.

System configurations cannot be changed, yet the size of components, as well as household occupancy and a climate zone in California may be edited. It is useful to perform comparative analysis. Here is a step-by-step example of how such a comparison can be done.

If simulation errors out, the visualization tab lacks results to display, or you've tried tweaking unimplemented settings, try using database reset button at the bottom of this page to reset the database to its initial state - it might work out. Otherwise Milica will reset it at some point. We're going to fix that button soon! Thanks for your patience.

For more experienced and aspiring beginner Python users it may be of interest to explore the source repository. The repo readme also provides instruction on how to run a local server for the web app and links to related publications for those who prefer to read more about how the underlying system simulation code was applied in the past.

What can you do here?

This site will allow you to configure systems, run simulations and visualize results.

Configure and manage system configurations.
Configure and manage system components.
Configure and manage the projects (including household and community size).
View and analyze simulation results.
Access the Django administration site.

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